Sunday, February 28, 2010

Critical Mass for the Minimalist

Tonight, Chelsea and I headed to downtown Dallas for Critical Mass. Critical Mass is a ride that brings public awareness of bicyclists to Dallas. The ride is for all cyclists, and all are welcome. They group is lead by one of the major players in the local bicycle advocacy scene, Colin Clarke. The ride is a very slow pace so that everyone can stay together.

We met up at Main and Market around 7:30pm and headed out shortly after 8pm. Due to the weather, the group was very small (nothing near a critical mass), more of a minimalist version of mass if there was one. Some of the regulars said the group was around 100 in the summer months. We made our way toward fair park where we stopped in at Pizza Lounge. They have great specials including a Pabst, a shot of Tequila and a slice of cheese pizza for only $6. Crazy.

After a short stop at the Pizza Lounge we made our way over to the home of the Phoenix Project. Phoenix Project Collective is an Unincorporated Non-Profit Association aiming to serve Dallas' progressive art and music scene, as well as promote health/well-being, solidarity, and education to the community. It is the home of musicians, artists, and- more importantly for this post- The Phoenix Project Bicycle Co-Op.

Anther stop at the Double Wide for the group, but this is when I went on with just the company of Chelsea. It was after 10pm and we all know I'm getting too old to stay out late and still be up in the morning for training :)

The ride was nice and slow, the company was fabulous, and the route was urban scenic. I fully recommend that anyone in the DFW area who has even a little love for the bike they've been keeping hidden away since last summer comes out for the next CM ride.

Last Friday of every month- 7:30pm- Main and Market.

To help support the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Donate here.


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