Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feel at Home for the First Time

Ahhh... the pool! Could there be a more glorious place in the entire world than an indoor, stuffy, chroline smelling, 25 yard pool? No. Sure the description doesn't get everyone's heart fluttering as it does mine, but the smell coupled with the black stripe beckoning me is the simplest pleasure I know.

This could be the only place that I won't be feeling humilation throughout triathlon training, well, unless I have a Flavia Zoccari situation. Then I may have to hang up my swedish goggles for good.

Coach Sean did a great job of giving everyone an overview on body position, stroke efficiency, and popular swim drills. There was more resting than I'm sure he will allow us to have at future practices, but for the first time in the pool as a group, it was great.

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