Friday, March 12, 2010

Abby's Story

Born on May 29, 2007, Abby is a ray of sunshine. She embodies all the characteristics of a happy little girl. She is joyful, loving, precocious, and inquisitive. She loves to dance and even plays a mean air guitar.

Shortly after Abby was born, her parents sensed that something was wrong. Like all babies, Abby cried…but she seemed to cry a lot more than other babies. Abby’s parents took her to a pediatrician when her appetite began to wane and her crying became more and more frequent. As she grew, she developed a severe skin irritation. She would scratch and rub her skin and was unable to sleep soundly from the discomfort. At only a few months old, Abby was beginning a very long journey that would prove challenging for her, her parents, and numerous physicians.

Abby and her parents visited doctor after doctor, traveling to several states and seeing several specialists. No one seemed to have an explanation for her condition. She was not responding to antibiotics, antihistamines, or any of the other treatments the different doctors tried. Over two and a half years, Abby’s parents had taken her to nearly twenty physicians including pediatricians, internists, immunologists, neurologists, dermatologists, allergists, and Eastern philiosophy practitioners with no answers and no improvement.

A few months ago, Abby began seeing an allergist who specializes in both Eastern and Western medicine, combing the two techniques. Abby’s tiny body was finally responding to treatment.

It is through research from organizations like the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America that innovative treatments for children like Abby have been made possible.

Though Abby and her family still struggle daily with the debilitating effects of her allergies, Abby is a very happy and active little girl who is making great strides in managing her condition. With her third birthday quickly approaching, her family sees improvements daily.

Abby is a beautiful little girl and a fighter.

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