Thursday, March 11, 2010

Allergy Injections

Happy birthday to me.

This year, on my birthday, I had my first appointment with Dr. L. The website clearly stated that they don't do allergy testing on your first visit, so I had nothing to worry about. Three hours later however, the visit had turned into a welt covered mess. Dr. L discussed my options with me. We decided on allergy injections and immediately scheduled my rush/rapid desensitization. Rush is a variation of the traditional treatment. Rather than increasing doses of allergens every few days or weeks, the doses are increased every few hours during the course of one day. Those 8 hours of rush cut down my initial phase of the allergy injections from 1-2 years to 4-8 months.

Now, twice a week, I visit the doctors office to watch cartoons, hang out in the waiting area for thirty minutes, stare at random strangers, read magazines, oh- and get the allergy injections. That's one shot in each arm twice a week... 4 shots. Good times.

I love the staff. I hardly notice the shots since the needle must be the world's smallest. But sometimes after I get them, I get sexy arm. Yes, sexy arm. It's hot. It's red. Hot and red. Generally two things one might consider sexy... whatever, let me have my moment.

The staff does not agree with the title sexy arm and knock me down a few rungs on my ego ladder by backing off the dose when I have a reaction to the previous shot. As I move forward in the process (especially as we enter killer allergy season), I will keep you posted on my progress. I may even have a celebratory cake in April if I don't have a mind numbing sinus infection between now and then. Celebrate small victories.

As with any of the information I share regarding my treatment, I can only speak for myself and suggest that you speak with your own physician if you have questions about your own challenges with allergies or asthma.

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Linda East said...

Where is Donna when you need her...everyone needs their mommy sometimes...that is what mine told me this week when I told her I was probably going to have to have a total lower lumbar fusion...that would be 5 vertabrae fusion...ugh.
Love u Linda

Lacey Joe said...

Mom is on her way up this weekend to spend some time here after my surgery. I have to choose my requests wisely so I don't max out her time off :)