Monday, March 22, 2010

Healthcare Bill and Surgery

After spending Sunday glued to C-SPAN, wondering how my own health care would be affected by the bill (it was a regular day at the theatre... I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I booed, I wondered why so many of the players wore ties that looked like a drug induced hallucination when shown on the television), I awoke Monday to the reality that regardless of what the state of health care did or did not look like this morning, I was having surgery.

Having forked over a copay last week for the surgery of just under $300, I was told I only needed to bring my driver's license and my insurance card with me to the surgery. Lucky for me (and the people looking to get paid) I brought along my wallet. I owed another $500 prior to the surgery... SURPRISE! It's like a birthday present, but not for me.

Perhaps things will change down the line. Or perhaps I am too middle class to be affected by the changes in legislation. We will see. Until then, an video of the pre-surgery excitement and a plea for support for the Asthama and Allergy Foundation of America...

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