Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lacey: 1 - Asthma: 0

The score isn't quite Lacey: 1 - Asthma: 0, but I've decided to wipe the slate clean as of yesterday. I'm like a kindergartner and asthma is the parent. I get to make up rules in order to win every now and then. After Tucson and Orlando, a fresh start is exactly what I needed. Possibly more eventful in the morning than most regular weekends.

The magic of daylight savings time and the ideas of a crazy bug collector cause 2am to become 3am and a very busy day to become busier. 23 hours instead of 24... ack.

My body is certain that it's 4am and not happy about being up. As I stumble around my room in the darkness, stubbing my toe on the bed frame, I consider going back to sleep.

Time to get going. A quick run through of the necessities. Bib? Check. Shoes? Check. Road ID? Check. Inhaler? Check.

Tweeting on the highway. Feeling a little nervous, but relaxed. Today isn't about time, it's about fun and finishers medals.

Standing in line for a shuttle with one of the elite athletes. He's quite thin... and yummy. I really must find a way to lure one of these pale runners into my web.

Changing my mind about luring a runner into my web. The conversations being had on the shuttle are making me long for the muddled echos of swimming. In the pool you don't have to listen to people talk about weight loss, times, or... wait for it... how a couple middle aged men think it's a good idea to remake Ferris Bueller's Day Off with Matthew Broderick still playing Ferris but now he skips work and his son skips school and they run into each other. Oh the hilarity. Shoot me now.

The race starts! Well... not for everyone.

Finally it's start time for the corral I snuck in to. Yes, I am a corral crasher.

13.1 miles, multiple bands, a firefighter piggyback ride, and a few port-o-pottys later, I earned my finishers medal... and some orange slices.

Some people were out on the course looking for a personal best. Some people were looking to complete the longest distance of their lives. Some people were out there just looking for fun. I was out there proving to myself and my lungs that we could make it without the inhaler. Mission accomplished.

Why stop there. I headed over to TI for a short 3000 yard swim and then to White Rock where I barely completed one lap. I officially know my body's limit... walk/jog= okay, swim= sure, bike= eff you, I'm tired.

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Michel said...

The idea wasn't that they accidentally run into each other, but rather that they both plan to take the same day off or something so that Ferris can educate Ferris Jr. on the magic and wonder of taking a skip day.

At least that's what I understood their totally awful idea as.

Lacey Joe said...

Skipping work is too common to be exciting. Cough cough- I think I may be sick tomorrow now that I think about it.