Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunny with a chance of Epinephrine

I was googling epinephrine yesterday to see if there was some was correlation I could make to the events of the day and my need for fundraising dollars. Instead I stumbled across a t-shirt touting that serotonin + epinephrine + dopamine = LOVE… Find me the cheesy nerd that came up with that and yes, it might lead to love. Mmmm… nerdy boys. Yum.

But back to what brought on the need to talk about epinephrine…

Yesterday was amazing! The weather here was the picture of perfection. Sunny, light breeze, warm (but not hot). Chirping birds, barking dogs, green grass, flowers, budding trees… I’m sure the problem is becoming apparent.

I headed over to see Dr. R about my nose. Septum straight. Looks like it’s healing nicely. We have a brief chat about training, how things are going, what events are coming up (so many I can’t keep track!), and making sure I continue to take care of myself and my new nose.

Things were still going extremely well when I got to Dr. L’s for my allergy injections. No beta blockers, no problems with my allergies today, no problems with my last set of shots, yes I am Lacey 1-5-80, right arm first.

The nurse starts to inject my arm with what feels like a flaming needle and blood backs up into the serum. She tosses the needle and starts again. I am almost certain that if I look down my skin will be falling off like I’ve been dowsed with acid. The left arm is perfectly painless in comparison.

So I take a seat as far away as possible from the kid bouncing the ball on the floor (while his mother sits like a beat down zombie nearby… not asking him to stop, or sit down, or be quiet… just looking defeated). I’m next to the most adorable little girl and her dad practicing spelling.


“Daaa-aaaad! You have to use it in a sentence.”

“We had to bury the dog.”



“Sen-tence da-ad!”

“I married your… umm… marry… marry… Will you marry me?”

This elicited so much giggling from such a little person. I couldn’t help but laugh myself. And then wheeze. Surely that’s not me. I opened my mouth wider and inhaled again. Yep, that’s me. So I ignored it through “berry”, “threw”, and “principal”. The spelling test suddenly stopped so I looked up to see what was wrong. The dad was staring me. Not in a good way. Clearly my breathing is audible and distracting.

I went up to the counter to let them know I might be having a little reaction. They took one look at me and took me to the back. Red skin, beginnings of hives, itchy hands, a lot of wheezing, hard to swallow.

Like a magic wand, Tiffany pulled out another needle, and hit me with an epinephrine shot. Ahhh… sweet release.

Then, the shaking begins. The combination of albuterol and epi make for a high level calorie burning full body shake. This is not as much fun as Tobey and I had predicted. And now that I’ve actually had to use it, it’s not so funny either. Boo on bad things. They are only funny before they happen.

But alas, I am fine and back to my normal red instead of the intense red. My hands don’t itch. And my skin is as smooth as can be expected for a thirty year old with sun damage.

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