Friday, May 28, 2010

Donuts in My Belly = Donut Around My Waist

So our new VP at work is buying my love with donuts. It's working. But it reminds me of two very different things from my past (neither of which have anything to do with triathlon or asthma... but I feel like anything concerning my dietary habits can break in to this blog).

1. Voltron
2. Cherry Fried Pie

I'm sure everyone around my age remembers Voltron. If you didn't have a Voltron toy, you probably knew someone who did. My brother had one. It was awesome. Seriously. Awesome. There were all these pieces that came together to make some bigger toy. Like a robot/superhero/magic puzzle. I kinda wish I had one. Not had one then... had one now.

Well, that's what the donuts are doing to my body. Little carbs are coming together into the fat that is coming together into the "is she pregnant?" belly that I have although I am certainly not pregnant. I have got to lay off the donuts.

Cherry Fried Pie on the other hand... well... those have a lot of history. Much like my VP is trying to buy my love with donuts, my high school boyfirend tried to buy his way into the private club with cherry fried pie. Sounds crazy, right?

Well, let me break it down for you. One day over a cherry fried pie (Mrs. Bairds in case you were wondering), I made a comment that a man who gave me flowers and cherry fried pie could likely get anything from me in return.


I learned in 1997 that "anything" meant something very different to a 17 year old girl on a sugar rush and a 17 boy... Oops.

So for V-Day that fateful year, I got flowers and cherry fried pies. He did not however get in the club.

Which brings me to... does my VP somehow know that sugary bread products are my weakness? Does she know my now tatted up high school beau? Does fat like me so much that it flocks to me longing to be near or does it hate me so it's launching an offensive?

My guess is that this train of thought is not what was intended when we were given moral boosting donuts. However, it not only happened, but sucked my mind off work long enough to type up this garbage post.

Just call me the donut eating employee of the week.


Michel said...

My voltron was seriously awesome. Although I don't think it was an official voltron though.

It was like the vehicle voltron here:

but it had different cars. I think I might have some pieces still, somewhere.

I'll go look.

Michel said...

I should have made that link clickable. No body like to copy and paste youtube links.

Click here to form the head!

Michel said...

Alright, I found one ship that turns into a shin, but it's missing the silver front piece that folds down to make the kneecap.

Also, what's up with my last comment removing the the HTML tags that made the link clickable? Terrible.

Also, when you make a lot of comments in a row, the captcha word verification gets harder and harder.

Lacey Joe said...

That's bloggers way of telling you to stop spamming me, but I giv eyou permission to continue. Eff ewe captcha word.