Friday, August 20, 2010

Update on the Bike Commute

It's stinking hot. Sooooooo stinking hot. Ugh. Sweaty. Hot. Not in a good way.

I do have an awesome rack/pannier bag combo thanks to the guys at... wait for it... Bicycles Plus in Coppell. Shocking right? You thought I might switch things up now that I spend most of my waking hours in Funky Town. No dice. It's worth mentioning though that they did revamp their website and have a slight staffing changeroo. I'll miss Gabe.

One super positive note? I'm getting more comfortable with the snarky looks I get from other commuters on the TRE. Dang, could people frown at a bike any harder. It's like I have a dead bunny taped to my handle bars some mornings. Trust me, I'm not the worst part about DFW's public transportation.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bike Commute

Do you know who wants to sit by you in class after you commute 13 miles in 100 degree heat?

No one.

But tomorrow, that is the plan regardless. At 6:30am I will head out. Hopefully my bike will support pannier bags. We'll see after class when I go to the bike shop. Road bike with panier bags? Classy, but not very aerodynamic.

Here's to being green... and stinky.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's Okay Dream Killer, I Have a New Dream

Back in May, I was a girl full of hope and joy. Excitement over the bike refurb that I was starting spilled forth like rays of sunshine. I took the 1976 10-speed apart with care and loaded up the frame to go to Bicycles Plus. On the drive over, I felt as though I was skipping through a rainbow colored field of candy flowers on may way to dance with my prince charming on a bed of marshmallows.

I walked into BP ready to share the love that was growing inside my heart. These guys... sigh... they're amazing...


Now I won't name names, but someone, is a dream killer. I said then that it would be unfair to have his first mention in the blog result in the name Dream Killer, but here I am, two and half months later, and I still refer to him as Dream Killer. Even my mother knows he's a Dream Killer. She hasn't looked at a man in my life with such disdain since the heartbreak of 1993. Oh, Jeff. My 13 year old heart couldn't take your dashing good looks and toilet paper war.

There is a silver lining though. I do still like Dream Killer. He suggested the bike become art... and it finally has.

Above the fireplace in the living room (not to be confused with the early 80s adult film fireplace that I have in the bedroom- no joke). The piece is gold, cream, maroon, black, and grey. It weighs a ton, as most bikes from the 70s do. But it is fabulous!

Feel free to come over and check it out.