Friday, August 20, 2010

Update on the Bike Commute

It's stinking hot. Sooooooo stinking hot. Ugh. Sweaty. Hot. Not in a good way.

I do have an awesome rack/pannier bag combo thanks to the guys at... wait for it... Bicycles Plus in Coppell. Shocking right? You thought I might switch things up now that I spend most of my waking hours in Funky Town. No dice. It's worth mentioning though that they did revamp their website and have a slight staffing changeroo. I'll miss Gabe.

One super positive note? I'm getting more comfortable with the snarky looks I get from other commuters on the TRE. Dang, could people frown at a bike any harder. It's like I have a dead bunny taped to my handle bars some mornings. Trust me, I'm not the worst part about DFW's public transportation.