Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello, Beautiful!

The end result actually makes up for the rocky path to taking the finished bike home.

After much design/redesign, I finally decided on the general look I wanted for my fixed gear bicycle of love. I decided to maximize the rainbow... purple frame, yellow handlebar tape, blue front tire, green back tire, pink front rim, blue back rim, white seat, black crank set. I could not have been more excited.

Then life started getting bumpy. Very bumpy. School was in full swing, projects were due, reading was adding up. Family issues were getting out of hand, sleep was getting harder to come by, there was no end to the mess in sight.

But, life was good. I had the makings of a beautiful bike in my hands. The frame showed up scratched, but I decided to look past it. I was still thrilled. I loaded up the frame on the car and headed toward Bicycles Plus.

Somewhere along the way, the right crank arm fell off. Seriously. Just fell off. I am seriously unimpressed.

No worries though. After a minor (Skinny Jeans would likely tell you it was major) meltdown, I stopped in at BP. Ginger and I picked out new crank arms and pedals, the dream killer found a bottle cage, Skinny Jeans gave me the smile and hug I needed, and all was right with the world.

The result? Today I picked up the purple framed, blue/pink rimmed, green/blue tired, yellow handlebarred, PINK bottle caged, METALLIC GREEN crank armed, ORANGE pedaled bike. (I hear 5 Second Fix was behind the majority of the work)

Jealous? I would be surprised if you weren't.

I want to send a special thank you to Bicycles Plus in Coppell. They really pulled this together for me and each of then had a part in it.

So... In the last 9 hours, I have already ridden my bike in the BP parking lot, my neighborhood, and my living room (if you're single and hesitant to buy a house, this is one of the perks). This bike is just the thing I needed for a moment of calm joy.