Monday, November 29, 2010

I Ought to Change This Blog to AsthmaLazyBum

I know, I know. A little over a month ago I made a decree about making time for yourself and getting back into the fitness routine. But then...

My mom passed away on October 28th. Just a week after they finally made a diagnosis, she was unable to continue to fight. I've slipped into a bit a of a hole. Something small like the Mariana Trench. And man, is it dark down here.

One month and one day. Still... I am not exercising; I am not eating right; I am lacking motivation and heart.

So today, with the knowledge of my current (shockingly painful) weight under my belt (just below the muffin top that I would be sporting if I were wearing pants that fit properly, I will pull it together.

I keep reminding myself, "No good can come of where you are right now. Dig yourself out."

What better way to start the comeback than with a blog, some Google info, and a request for some teamwork?

Blog? Check. Once the first few sentences are in, I'm good to go.

Google info? I love Google. I love it so much that when I accidentally search with Yahoo!, I go to Google to search again without even considering the Yahoo! results. It's true. Ahhh... Google. Google brought me to an interesting list of "Nine Sure-Fire Ways to Gain Fat". Well, I'm curious. Did I at least get fat to the best of my ability?
1. Eating then sleeping will make you gain fat: Check.
2. Skipping meals or not eating for long periods of time will make you gain fat: Check.
3. Drinking soft drinks (even diet drinks) with fatty foods will make you gain fat: Check.
4. Constantly snacking on energy foods will make you gain fat: Nope.
5. Stress without physical exertion will make you gain fat: CHECK.
6. Toxic substances in your food will make you gain fat: Mmm... preservatives... Check.
7. Losing muscle mass will make you gain fat: Check.
8. Over consumption of fructose will make you gain fat: Check.
9. Drinking alcohol frequently will make you gain fat: Check.

Eight out of nine.

I am a true overachiever. If only I had some energy foods to snack on right now...

But back to Google.

Jillian Michaels... Ummm... does she even know what it's like to be out of shape? Oh well. You can get a free fitness/weight loss plan on her site... or can you? Nope. They say you can and lure you through the all the hoops only to ask you for your credit card number.

iPhone applications- happily, there are a number of free aps that track your exercise and calories. Score.

Okay, Last But Not Least: Teamwork

Be brave, Lacey.

I need to lose... ummm... brace yourself... just say it... ugh... 25 pounds... AT A MINIMUM.

Now it's out there in Internet land. It only takes 4 months to gain 25 pounds and become a completely sedentary being. Living proof: Lacey.

Where does the teamwork come in? I will keep regular updates at well, then; my blog; facebook; and twitter. Workout, eat right, and comment! Tell me what you are doing to get healthy (during the worst time of year to try to get healthy) and I will tell you what I'm doing. So simple.

See you out there.